Tribal Revival
West Coast Tribal Culture Book

  • Large Format - 10"x 13"
  • 210 Full Color Pages
  • Coffee Table Hardcover
  • Stitched Binding
  • Printed with Soy Ink

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tribal revival book

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There is a cultural revolution / evolution exploding at West Coast music festivals where mythic and urban fantasy fuses with dramatic, iconic lifestyle fueled by music and unbounded imagination. For the first time, TRIBAL REVIVAL reveals and vividly documents this burgeoning phenomenon, depicting the pantheon of extraordinary characters and living avatars who inhabit these events.

Photographer Kyer Wiltshire captures the sensual, primal energy that flows through all of these amazing individuals as they boldly release, exhibit and surrender to the glory of their inner, magical selves. Reaching far beyond the iconic "flower power" images from the festivals of the 60's, the walkers of these worlds are radical, radiant, unafraid, majestic beings,  embodying a spectrum of influences from faerie, streampunk, techno, hip hop, urban circus and global native cultures.

A true testament to these transformational times. TRIBAL REVIVAL delivers a kalideoscopic visual carnival that will amaze, astound and perhaps shock all who enter it's mind altering domain.

 - Robert Gould, producer, Faerieworlds



Kyer Photography   Santa Cruz CA  831-359-5937
  © 2009 Tribal Revival & Kyer Photography

Music by Jesse Hendricks